about me

My name is Magdalena; I am 35 years old and currently based in Munich.
I grew up in Poland, then moved to Germany to study and pursue a career in finance and marketing. However, my strong interest in the creative world and fashion led me to create this Blog.
Why the idea of this Blog? I try to consider myself as an ambassador of Polish style in Germany. To be a modern Polish woman is to confront two sides of yourself. There is the side that is ladylike and domestic and everything society deems a woman should be. It’s generally known that up until a couple of decades ago, the woman’s place was the kitchen, house, and childcare. The other side mocks these stereotypes and lives unburdened by traditionally female responsibilities. Today’s Polish women want to be strong, independent, and appreciated in their environment, especially in fashion questions. Poland, as a former Communist country, might not be perceived as a fashion power, but this must to be said straight up: Poland is the motherland of many amazing designers, not to mention that we have top models like Anja Rubik or Monika „Jac“ Jagnieciak.
I unite both sides in myself – I really love creating a pleasant domestic atmosphere, cooking, completing all house chores before my husband’s return from work; but I also have a growing desire to prove my value, strength, and self-esteem by expending my interest into new fields. I love traveling and I am very passionate in fashion. I would like to show precisely these attributes of a modern polish woman to the whole world.